Charity Book Collection: Let’s Get Peru Reading in English

Hello and thank you for reading this post! I’m Ana, originally from Peru (maybe Macchu Picchu or Lima ring a bell?), but I’ve been living in the UK for the past 10 years. Even though London is now my home, I still care greatly about my natal country and its inhabitants, specially those living in extreme poverty and with limited growth opportunities.

I think that education is key for people’s development, and this is why I want to support access to education for Peruvians, to hopefully help improve their quality of life.

I want to start by helping teenagers from Peruvian state-run schools to improve their English and reading comprehension skills, which can in turn enhance their educational and job prospects.

For this, I’d like to organise a collection of young-adult’s books in the UK and send them to Peru, to be distributed amongst said state-run schools.

How will I make this happen?

I’m still thinking about how best to implement this idea, and I would certainly appreciate any feedback on the topic.

Below I’ve listed all the notes and research I’ve made so far, to tackle specific questions around the implementation of this idea (note these are only my notes, they don’t represent any formal or legal advice on the topic). I’ll keep updating this post with more information as soon as I have it.

How to transport the books from UK to Peru?

This is something I’m still studying. Any suggestions or tips are welcome. 🙂

  • The Peruvian Consulate in London pointed me at a form that can be filled for sending donations to Peru.
  • The Peruvian Agency for International Cooperation has more information on the subject. Again this still needs more research from my side.

How to distribute the books once they reach Peru?

  • Peruvian NGOs could point us to specific schools that would make the most of these donations.
  • For example, the Peruvian NGO Creamas already works with several state run schools and has provided donations to them in the past. They could help us route the books to specific schools that have a clear demand for them.