Catsy inspiration

Last year we decided to get a cat and I must say, this has been one of the BEST decisions we ever made! She’s not only the fluffiest, cuddliest, sweetest little thing ever (no bias here…); she has also inspired me to draw and try out different, somewhat cartoonish styles.

The following pictures will take you through my drawing journey, starting with the most recent ones and going down to the first drawing I ever made of Mimi.

Surprised Mimi on top of my favourite books

One of my favourite cat poses is by far the “breadloaf”, where Mimi tucks her legs so switfly below her body that she appears to be legless. She looks so cute when she does this!

And since I had already created the “breadloaf” template, I decided to turn Mimi into a ginger cat. I will keep testing other cat colours and perhaps at some point, will open up my cat sticker and stationery store!

From drawings to stickers

One of my favourite Mimi drawings is the following one, inspired by Mimi in a semi contorted yoga pose. You can see how one of her legs shoots up like a ballerina!

I had been thinking about making stickers for a while, to do something different to the greeting cards I made in 2019. I felt that stickers could be quite a versatile option and could be shared in so many ways… so, that’s how the following batch came to be!

Yoga Mimi staring right back at Curious Mimi

Ecards for Xmas

Christmas time was definitely a chilled one with lots of couch time. I used this as an opportunity to practise both my lettering and my Procreate skills, all of which resulted in the below Mimi Xmas card.

I am aware that Mimi looks a bit stiff in the above example, but my main focus for this drawing was to learn how to apply shadows and highlights in Procreate (the iPad drawing app), so overall I must say I was pretty pleased with the outcome.

Mimi goes full circle

Finally we’ve come to the place where all this drawing journey started! My first ever cartoonish sketch of Mimi is seen below. I still needed to practise the eyes which are one of the hardest things to draw for me (actually, I made the right eye slightly larger than the left one…oops!). Thankfully as time goes by, my eye drawings are improving.

First ever Mimi sketch, made around October 2020